General Information

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OPENING NUMBER OUTFIT: A cocktail dress provided with entry fee

FITNESS COMPETITION: One piece swimuit (provided with entry fee). Shoes should be clear or the color of your skin. 25% of your score is based on your figure, fitness, posture, beauty and confidence. During your year as a state titleholder, your schedule will be very demanding.  Being physical fit is a very important part of the competition.


PRIVATE INTERVIEW: 5 minute Panel Style Interview. Interview attire is normally a nice business style dress or pants suit. 50% of your score is based on how well you show the judges your ability to articulate, show confidence and your overall personality and appearance.


EVENING GOWN: Floor length gown any color any style. 25% of your score is based on your poise, posture, grace, elegance and overall look.


SCORING SYSTEM:  25% fitness, 25% evening gown, 50% private interview. We follow the Mrs. America scoring system. Please ask director for details.


 APPEARANCES: When you receive your banner, it is time to make appearances. Go to your local newspaper or Chamber of Commerce and find the local happenings in your community or connect with other local titleholders to do appearances together! Select the things that fit into your schedule and that interest you. It could be a parade, Special Olympics or Grand Opening to a new business. Whatever it is, you will be a strong and positive addition to the event.


PAGEANT: The Dogwood, 313 Franklin St, South Hill VA


 Date: May 14-15, 2021

HOTEL:  Best Western Plus South Hill Inn

101 Thompson Street

South Hill VA, 23790

$89 per night




STAFF: All of the staff are volunteers and are involved in this program with the goal of making this event an enjoyable experience for you and your families. Please be courteous to them. They have a very tough job making the event go smoothly.


 JUDGES: We take a great deal of pride in selecting our judges. This is a very important job and we take it very seriously. The judges have been selected based on their credentials and their ability to select a person that is the best choice based on the overall performance of the contestant.


SPONSORSHIP: The sponsorship fee is $400 and is due April 1.This is in addition to the Registration Fee. This fee can be paid by the contestant, family/friends or by sponsors. You collect the money and send it all at once.   You may list up to 10 sponsors in the Official Mrs. Virginia Program Book. Full color advertisements are available for purchase if you'd like. A program will be sent to you for samples.


Please understand it is our longstanding policy that there are no refunds on any fees that you or someone paid on your behalf, once you have been accepted as a contestant. No exceptions.


PLATFORM: A platform is something you do for someone or group that you are passionate about. No, you do not have to have a platform. It is always nice to do nice things in your community and there are many ways to do that. Volunteering in any way on an ongoing basis can be very rewarding.


 WHAT DO I NEED TO GET STARTED?: You need to get your application in with your $395.00 registration fee & Photo (snapshot). Everyone competing in the state competition will represent the area where she lives or works. There is a lot of pride representing your city or county in the state event and we are proud of you. After we receive your application, additional paperwork will follow that you will need to fill out for the state event. You may download the application from this site.


TICKETS: All Mrs. Virginia contestants are required to sell 10 tickets. Tickets are $25 each. Funds are due April 1. If you haven't sold all ten yet, you still must prepay and then sell to friends. Programs will be sold for $10 each the night of the show.


 WHAT IF I NEED HELP? Everyone needs help from time to time. Someone is always available. If you are unable to reach someone, leave us a message and one of our staff will return your call.


PHOTO: Everyone needs to send a photo (snapshot) with their application. You will need a professional headshot for the program book, but that may be turned no later than April 1